Friday, September 3, 2010

Double-Click is Our Friend!

Double-clicking is a powerful tool that can save you many hours of work. Try any or all of the following six techniques and see if you do not agree that “Double-Click is Our Friend!”

1. Autofit Column Widths by Selecting Multiple Columns and Double-Clicking Between the Headers
A relatively common, but highly useful move!

2. Double-Click on the Office Button to Close Excel
Works great in Excel 2007! Displays “Do you want to save…” if the workbook is not saved.

3. Auto-Fill a Series of Cells with Data or Formulas by Just Double-Clicking
Just select the formula in first cell, double-click in the “handle” (small black square in bottom-right-corner) and Presto! This works for formulas, auto-fills (of numbers, dates, etc) as long as the adjacent column has data.

4. Double-Click on Ribbon Menu Items to Collapse Ribbon to Get More Space
Another cool Excel 2007 feature. Enables you to collapse the ribbon to one line.

5. Lock Format Painter and Reuse it with Double-Click
Double-clicking the Format Painter locks the format so you can use it repeatedly in your worksheet – Awesome!

6. Jump to Last Row or Column in Table with Double-Click
This is my favorite. Just select any cell in the table and double click on the cell-border in the direction you want to go. Speedy!

There you have it!  Try these simple techniques out and find out why “Double-Click is Our Friend!”

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