Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Ifs

If” functions can really help you make sense of your data. Here are my three favorites:

COUNTIF: =Countif(Range, Criteria)
For the Criteria, you can specify a cell, a simple number such as 10, or use a greater-than or less-than criteria such as “>20”. Be sure to use the quotation marks if doing a great-than or less-than analysis.

SUMIF: =Sumif(Range, Criteria, SumRange)
The Criteria is the same as in Countif, but you have the option of applying it to a “SumRange”. These are the actual cells to add if the cells in the Range match the criteria. If SumRange is omitted, the cells in Range are evaluated by criteria and added accordingly.

IF: =If(Condition, Value If True, Value If False)
This function is extremely valuable as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other “nested” functions. You can use cell references for the “Value If True” or the “Value If False”, or insert words (e.g. If(A1>10, “Pass”, “Fail”). Just be sure to use quotation marks if inserting actual words.

There you have it! Three terrific “If” functions. Give them a try some time IF you have a chance!

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