Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Cool Excel Shortcuts

Back in April, I posted my own personal Top Ten Best Excel Shortcuts in reverse order (ala Letterman’s Top Ten…). Here is an additional List of Five of my favorite shortcuts for use with Named Ranges:

5. Name a Range
Select the range, and then click in the Name Box (far left on the formula bar) and type a one-word name

4. Quickly Name All of Your Ranges
Highlight your entire database including the headings with Ctrl + A and then click Ctrl + Shift + F3

3. Go to a Named Range
Click F5 (Great for selecting Named Ranges!)

2. Edit a Named Range
To delete or edit a named range click Ctrl+F3.

And the Number One Best Named Range Shortcut Is (Trumpets, please)...

1. Display the Paste Names Dialog Box for Use in Formulas
Click F3 and use your arrow keypad to select (Super helpful when creating long formulas)

Working with Named Ranges Rocks – Use these tools to make your Excel life easier!

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