Monday, September 11, 2017

Pivot Tables – A Third Look

As most seasoned Excel users know, there are multiple ways to Filter pivot tables. With the advent of Excel 2010, however, you have a new, powerful option to use to filter (or should we say, Slice) your data.

Slicers give you the choice of using labeled buttons you can click to filter your Pivot Table data on the fly. In addition to quick filtering, slicers also indicate the current filters being used, which, of course, makes it easier to understand what is being shown in a filtered Pivot Table report.

How-To Slice
1.   Select your table and then choose PivotTable Tools, Analyze, Insert Slicer
2.   Check the fields you want to filter, then click OK
3.   To Filter: Click items in any order
4.   To Clear a Filter, click the filter graphic

Multiple Pivot Tables
To filter multiple tables with a single slicer, select the slicer and then choose Slicer Tools, Options, Report Connections. To delete a slicer, simply select it and press Delete.

Slicers. Another great cooking tool for your Excel kitchen set!

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