Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pivot Tables – A Second Look…

Last week we looked at a general overview of Pivot Tables. This week we will continue our examination of this powerful tool, by exploring a few rudimentary How-Tos:

Show or Hide the Pivot Table Fields Pane
To hide or show the Fields Pane, select any pivot table cell, and choose PivotTable Tools, Analyze, Show: Field List. Simple as that…

Refreshing a Pivot Table
Select any cell within the table and choose: PivotTable Tools, Analyze, Data: Refresh. Bamm, refreshed pivot table!

Add a Pivot Chart
Click any cell within an existing Pivot Table, and choose PivotTable Tools, Analyze, Tools: PivotChart. Then click OK after choosing the Chart Type and Subtype. Finally, it is a good practice to move the chart to another worksheet by clicking in the chart and choosing PivotTable Tools, Design, Move Chart: New Sheet [OK]. Piece of cake!

Knowing some simple techniques for manipulating Pivot Tables and Charts can take this vital tool from being a bit daunting to being a stress-free tool! 

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