Thursday, March 24, 2016

Whoa, What’s This?

As with so many things in Excel (and much of life…), it is easy to overlook some incredibly useful and convenient resources.  I say, look here Watson, the information is available right on our Status Bar! 

Most of you probably are probably aware of the real-time Status Bar display of common data such as Average, Count, and Sum for any cells you have selected.

However, what you may have overlooked (I know I did for a long time…) is that there an incredible collection of Excel Goodies right at your fingertips!  Simply Right-Click the Status Bar and Presto!  You will see a List of 26 pieces of Information that can be instantly accessed or controlled in this area.
For example, you can easily insert or delete the Number Count, Maximum or Minimum, Average, and so forth.  But don’t stop here!  You can also Control such handy goodies as Macro Recording, Zoom, Fixed Decimal, Signatures, and much more!

What makes this all So Cool is that it resides right there at the bottom of your worksheet and it continually available whenever you need it.  Take a look at your Status Bar and see what you might have been missing. Control at your fingertips, just waiting to be of service to you. Give it a try!

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