Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Top Ten Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are one of my favorite Excel features.  As I have told have told hundreds of Excel students of mine over the years, they can add speed, efficiency, relief from the stress of mouse fatigue. 
These shortcuts are very accessible, and you can believe me when I say they will set you apart from the masses of Mediocre Excel Users.

So, in Reverse Order, here is my Current Favorites List (and highly recommended) of Top Ten Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for 2016:
10. CTRL+H - Find and Replace (How could you work without it?!)
9.  ALT+F1 - Creates an Instant Chart of the selected data (Super crowd pleaser!)

8.  CTRL+SHIFT+% (Applies the Percentage Format with no decimal places – Cool!)
7.  CTRL+; (Enters the Current Date – I’m a time freak…)
6.  Ctrl + Home (Brings you to the Start of the Worksheet – Oldie, but a Goodie!)
5.  CTRL+9 - Hides the selected rows (Cleans up your worksheet, and it simply Cool!)
4.  SHIFT+TAB - Moves to the Previous Cell (Once you get used to it, you will use it!)
3.  F5 - Brings up the Go TO dialogue box (Navigating to a named range is a snap!)

2.  CTRL+K - Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlinks (Helps you mimic websites in your workbooks!)
And my Current #1 Favorite Keyboard Shortcut for 2016 is (Drumroll please…):

1.  Shift+F10 – Opens the right-click menu (Incredibly useful when your fingers aren’t on the mouse…)

Give these shortcuts a try sometime.  I am sure that you will be glad you did!

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