Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Self-Expanding Charts

This Trick is a real Halloween Treat!

If you have ever created a Chart that needed Updating on a regular basis, you know what a bore it can be to do the frequent revisions. That sort of work may keep some people employed, but there are Better Ways to handle this task.

Building a Self-Expanding Chart is remarkably simple, and can Save You A Good Deal Of Time and boredom (and, after all, who needs more boredom!)

To create your Self-Expanding Chart in Excel 2007 or versions thereafter, here is what you do:

1. Create your Chart as usual ( you can use the sample data below)
2. Select any cell that contains the data that is used by the chart
3. Choose Insert / Tables group / Table to convert the range to a table

Amazingly that’s all there is to it! Excel will recognize the data as a Table and any data that is added to it is Automatically Updated in the Chart.

Give this Charting Trick a try, and find out why it is such a Treat!

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