Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts: The Final Chapter

You say you are a Diehard Keyboard Shortcutist, (yes, I just made up the word, “Shortcutist”…), that has mastered most of the typical timesavers, but Still Want More? This post is for You!

Why use Keyboard Shortcuts? Speed, Ergonomics, Professionalism, Coolness; Simple as that!

In Rapid-Fire Mode, Here We Go with 10 Great Tools:

1) Insert Current Time: Ctrl+Shift+;

2) Autosum Selected Cells: Alt + =

3) Hide Current Row: Ctrl+9

4) Hide Current Column: Ctrl+0

5) Select Data in Current Region: Ctrl+Shift+8

6) Format Current Cell with Comma Formats: Ctrl+Shift+1

7) Format a Number as Currency: Ctrl+Shift+4 (Ctrl+$)

8) Go to the Previous Worksheet: Ctrl+Shift+Pg Up

9 ) Go to the Next Worksheet: Ctrl+Shift+Pg Down

10) Insert a Cell Comment: Shift + F2

Keyboard Shortcuts: Far Out, Man!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am using Excel 2007, and shortcuts 8 and 9 work for me by just using Ctrl+Pg Up (Previous Worksheet) and Ctrl+Pg Down (Next Worksheet). Not sure if this has been adjusted in later versions of Excel. :-)