Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Custom AutoFilters

The AutoFilter is one of those Wonderfully Simple, yet Powerful tools that are readily available to any user of Excel. To find AutoFilter, simply click on the Data tab and go to the Sort & Filter grouping.

Then select the data that you wish to filter on your spreadsheet, and choose the Filter (looks like a Funnel). DropDown arrows will immediately appear on your column headers, allowing you to Slice & Dice your data as you wish.

Now is Where the Fun Begins!

Let’s say you are a teacher of manager that wishes to quickly Identify all of the Scores in your database that are greater-than 80% and less-than 90%. Piece of Cake!

All you need to do is click on the Down-Arrow of your Scores field and choose: “Number Filters”. This will bring up a dialogue box that will enable you pick for a vast variety of Customizable Parameters.

You’ll soon be Slicing and Dicing so well, you will be ready for your own show on Food Network!

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