Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ditch the Mouse

As most of us know, relying too heavily on your computer mouse can lead to Unnecessary Stress on your hand and wrist. It is also slower than using the keyboard (and not nearly as Cool…).

One very interesting way to Access More Keyboard Shortcuts is to do the following:

1. Select any empty cell on worksheet
2. Place you mouse pointer on any empty portion of your Toolbar or Ribbon
3. Press the Forward Slash key

Bam! Letters and Numbers will appear (it’s almost like Magic!) on the Toolbar and Ribbon, giving you complete Keyboard Control to access the functions and subsequent menu items. Then you have the Freedom to use your keyboard, (Ah, Freedom!).

As with anything we humans do, the old adage, “Use it or Lose it” is entirely true in this instance, or anytime we learn a new Excel Trick. If you like this nifty shortcut, Use it a few times, and it will soon become Second Nature.

Shortcuts – Gotta Love em!


Charlottesville Garden said...
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flatmate said...

Awesome great site!
I discovered just pressing the "ALT" key down as well can give short cut keys! I love shortcut keys, thanks!