Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Contest Winners and Moving Your Data!

A student of mine recently was having trouble Copying a master worksheet to another workbook. She had unsuccessfully tried to copy and paste the worksheet format and formulas into a new workbook, and was wondering if there was an easy way to do this.

As with most things Excel, there are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to use the built-in Move or Copy tool. Since I have not addressed this for over two years, I felt it was time for an update.

It is, of course, really quite simple (but then, anything is when you know how…). If you wish to Move or Copy a worksheet into another workbook, you can do the following:

   1.   Right-click the tab of the source worksheet you wish to transport, then click Move or Copy in the dialog box
   2.   In the Move or Copy dialog box, you can do the following:
         • To Move the worksheet to a spot within its own workbook, select a sheet in the Before sheet  box and click OK
         • To move the worksheet to another open workbook, select the workbook in the To book list and then click OK
         • To keep a Copy of the worksheet in your source workbook (rather than deleting it and moving it), select the Create a copy box in the lower-left corner, and select a location as per the above

This is a comparatively simple tool in Excel, but a highly useful one, nonetheless!

Contest Winners!

You may recall that on July 14th, the Excel Enthusiasts blog ran a contest wherein you were asked to send an email with your Favorite or Most Used Function in Excel. The Three Winners were, (Drum roll, please…):

1.   David Brooks of Olympia, Washington
2.   Kevin McLogan of Royal Oak, Michigan
3.   Gerry Simon of Racine, Wisconsin

Congratulations to the Winners, and thanks so much for taking part in the contest!

See you all next week. Meanwhile, keep on Excelling!

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