Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double-Click Tricks

As a regular Excel user, you are probably familiar with several Double-Click shortcuts that save you time.  There are some Double-Click Tricks that may have escaped your notice, however, so this week we are going to look at 4 that are a bit less than common.  The first two are for Excel 2007/10 users, but the last two work for any version:

1.  Double-Click on the Office Button to Close Excel

Yeah, it’s just that simple.  It will, of course, display a warning if the workbook is not saved.

2.  Double-Click on Ribbon Menu Names to Collapse Ribbon and Get More Space

Bamm!  You can double-click on the menu names to shrink the ribbon to one line.   Want it restored? – Just double-click again and it all returns.

3.  Jump to Last Row / Column in Your Table with Double-Click

This is always a Crowd-Pleaser:  Simply select any cell in the table and double-click on the Cell-Border in the direction you want to go.  Presto – You will be transported to the last column or row in your table (Beam me up, Scotty…).

4.  Double-Click in the Corner, Just Above Scroll-Bar to Create a Split

Splitting your panes in Excel is highly useful when you want to see multiple areas at one time.  You can very quickly insert these Splits by clicking on either the Little Bar Shape next to Horizontal Scroll-Bar near bottom right corner of the Excel window or directly above the Vertical Scroll-Bar.  Then you can drag the bars wherever you wish.

Double-Click Tricks can save you time and make you Look Cool in the process!  (And who among doesn’t like to Look Cool?...)

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