Thursday, May 20, 2010

You are the Excel Guru!

Using the keyboard to quickly effect major changes in an Excel workbook can leave the impression of Magic to the onlookers (including your boss) of a Skilled Excel Practitioner. Here are a couple new favorites of mine that can help you increase your status as Excel Guru (or Excel Master or Excel Boss if you prefer).

Let’s say that you have 12 columns of data for which you want to calculate the Sums. Simple matter, of course, but if you want to do it in True Guru Style, simply select the entire block of data, and press Alt and = on your keyboard. Presto! The sums for all of your columns will appear like Magic in the row below.

More Magic
You can do more Magic by once again selecting the entire range of data and choosing Average, Count, Max, or Min from the AutoSum icon on your toolbar. The calculations will Instantly Appear for all columns of data!

As with nearly all things Excel, there are several different ways of achieving the same results. The Key is to do it with Style and Panache! After all, that is only fitting for a true Excel Guru…

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