Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excel 2010 Beta is Here!

Well, I have taken the plunge and downloaded the beta version of MS Office 2010! I have been exploring Excel 2010 this week and I have found numerous new or refined features that are commendable.

Among the many cool new features, I have found the “Sparklines (funny name, but very useful) and the new Screenshot tool to be the most interesting and beneficial.

Sparklines are essentially mini-graphs that you can automatically insert in cells within your table, giving context to the numbers. Highly effective in giving at-a-glance information!

 The new Screenshot tool allows you to intuitively paste a picture of any open program or clipping from an open program. Very easy to use and all included within the application (no need to use a specialized program to accomplish this any longer). Manipulations of graphics have also been greatly enhanced (this can particularly useful in PowerPoint, but is also nice in Excel).

Go to Microsoft Office Beta Download to snag a copy. A word of caution, however: Be sure to backup all of your data and your current version, in case you wish to revert to your tried-and-true Office roots.

Happy Excelling!

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