Thursday, February 25, 2010

Errors, Errors, Errors!

Okay, so you are humming along creating yet another grand Excel masterpiece when Bamm! You are alerted that there is an Error! But what does it mean? What does this cryptic warning by the Microsoft gods represent? The following is a concise list of Error Messages and what they mean:

 • #N/A A return value of the function is not available. (You messed up on the formula.)

#NAME? Okay, you probably just misspelled a name in the function (It happens…).

#NULL! You specified an intersection of two areas that do not intersect (Whoops).

#DIV/0! Well, you divided by 0 or by an empty cell (You know better than that…).

#VALUE! The wrong type of argument or operand is used in the formula (Right!).

#REF! An incorrect range is mentioned in a function (A cell reference is not valid).

#NUM! There is a problem with a number in a formula or function (Is it really a number?).

When a human works with Excel, errors are inevitable. After all, To Error is Human…

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