Monday, May 18, 2009

Engaging Charts

As any good presenter knows, you must first Engage your audience in order to effectively communicate with them. With Excel 2007, there is no need to settle for tiresome old charts that everyone has seen before (and probably largely ignores).

Customization is now easy, and can take very little time to apply. Follow a few simple steps to create one-of-a-kind engaging charts. For instance, to create a striking pie chart, try the following:

1. Select your table of data and go to Insert/Charts/Pie
2. On the Pie dropdown, choose a 3-D selection
3. Double-click and choose a color scheme from the Design tab
4. Right-click on the pie chart and select Format Data Series
5. On 3-D Format area, play around with the Bevel and Surface Material options

In very little time, you will find that you can create a unique and compelling chart that is sure to get “Ooohs and Ahhhs”. Give some new pie a try – you may find it very tasty!

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