Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Turn the Tables

Excel Tables are, without a doubt, powerful tools for data analysis. If you are not familiar with Tables, or you just haven’t gotten around to using these comparatively new gizmos very much, I encourage you to take a closer look.

Here are Three of My Favorite Benefits of Excel tables:

1.   They’re a Breeze to Create
There are two essential ways to create an Excel Table: The first is to select your data, go to the Insert ribbon, click on the Tables down-arrow and choose (are you ready for this?) Tables! Okay, that’s cool, but the way the Cool Kids in School do it is to simply select your data and click Ctrl + T. Bamm, Done!

2.   Slice Those Tables!
Slicers are another one of the comparatively new tools in Excel that should not be overlooked. They are particularly effective at visualizing your data which, is a best practice in getting your message across without unnecessarily pouring through the numbers. Here’s what you do: Selector table, go to the Design ribbon, and select Insert Slicer. Nothing to it!

3.   Create Self-Expanding Charts
If you are like most Excel users, you have spent a great deal of time manually updating your chart data ranges when making repetitive reports. This is a total drag and needless work if you use Tables. If you set up your chart based upon data in Table format, any additions that you make to the data within the table will automatically be reflected in the chart. Now I ask you, How Cool Is That? 

Excel Tables. Make a New Year’s resolution to integrate them into your daily Excel routine. Happy New Year’s, All!


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