Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Funnel Charts (not cakes…)

Funnel Charts, (Not to be confused with Funnel Cakes, which are something completely different…), are one of the newer features in Excel that deserve a closer look. This new chart that appeared in Excel for the first time last year, is excellent for illustrating processes that incrementally become more focused as each stage is completed. Since I have extensive experience in the insurance industry, I am showing how business “Funnels” into an insurance company. 

You will have to have the latest version of Excel, of course, but it is a good idea to frequently update anyway…
With reference to the Funnel Chart above, here are the Simple Steps:
1.    As in the illustration (which you may have to enlarge for best viewing), use one column for the Process steps and the other for the Amounts
2.    Select the Data in the simple table you have created
3.    Click Insert > Recommended Charts > Funnel
4.    Format according to your tastes and/or your audience

The result is a remarkably easy-to-understand (which should be a major goal of Any chart…) illustration of how your processes interrelate. This new chart will be, I am quite sure, very useful for many of us in the future. Funnel Charts – Another way to picture your data and enhance your business communication!

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