Friday, November 10, 2017

Sparklines Series # 5

This week we are concluding our examination of Sparklines with this fifth installment of our series on this remarkably versatile Excel tool.

In this series we have explored the basics of creating Sparklines, changing their type, highlighting values, adding text, as well as changing the color and weight. In this final week will take a look at how to handle Hidden and Empty Cells in Sparklines.

Let’s examine the procedure of managing these potentially troublesome hidden and empty cells:

1.   Select the Sparkline group
2.   From the left side of the Sparkline Tools/Design ribbon, click on Edit Data
3.   Select Hidden & Empty Cells
4.   You will be presented with Hidden and Empty Cell Settings
5.   Choose Show Empty Cells:
·       Gaps - Show a space between points
·       Zero: Show as a zero (0) value
·       Connect data points with line: Connects the points before and after the empty cell

Try giving Sparklines a try sometime. You may be surprised at how efficient they are to create, and how well they will be received by your users.

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