Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Bag of Tricks

If you have frequented this blog in the past, you probably know that I like to occasionally take a look at some helpful, (and at times, a bit obscure), Tricks in Excel.

Here are 5 of my Current Favorites:

#1 Selecting Data or the Entire Worksheet 
First of all, a couple of favorite basics.  Select any cell in your database and click Ctrl+A on your keyboard; Bamm! You have selected the database. Want to select the entire worksheet? Just click the “A” once again! 

#2 Display Formulas So You can Troubleshoot Issues 
This can at times be a vital, however simple, tool. Select any cell on cell on your worksheet and while holding down the Ctrl key, press “~” on your keyboard. Bamm! All of your formulas will be visible! 

#3 Lock Your Formatting 
Most of us know that the Format Painter is a terrific way to save time when adding a professional look to your worksheets. We know that when you format and select a cell, you can click Format Painter and paste the formatting into any single cell or contiguous range.

The Trick that many of us do not know is that if you Double-Click the Format Painter, it will Lock the formatting so you can apply it to as many cells as you like (contiguous or otherwise! 

#4 Prevent Error Checking 
An important automatic function of Excel, the Error Checking function is highly useful for pointing out Inconsistent Formulas in a range. There are times, of course, when you may need to omit a range’s formula in a few cells. Excel will then Flag what it perceives as an Error! 

To avoid this annoyance, go to Excel Options and choose the Formulas group. Simply clear any of the error-checking rules that are bugging you. 

#5 Move the Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar is a beneficial action that many experienced Excel users employ.  However, you may not like having it up in the upper-left corner (it can be a stretch with your mouse!).

Happily, you can opt to have it displayed at the bottom of the ribbon by simply clicking on Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon in the dropdown menu of the Quick Access Toolbar.

5 Quick Tricks. Give them a try!

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