Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double-Click, Click, Click!

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I am a huge fan of Keyboard Shortcuts.

That being the case, I am nonetheless a proponent of using the mouse when it offers opportunities to augment your productivity.  Double-Clicking with your mouse is one such way to add speed and efficiency to your Excel work.

Here is an Updated List of My Favorite Ways to Use Double-Click:

 1. Adjust to Ideal Column Widths – Select Multiple Columns and Double-Click on the separators; Works for adjusting row heights too. Perfect Solution!

 2. Auto-Fill a Series of Cells with Data or Formulas - Select the formula in first cell, Double-Click in the “handle” (small Black Square in bottom-right-corner) and Bamm! This works for formulas, auto-fills (of numbers, dates, etc) as long as the adjacent column has data.

 3. Rename a Worksheet Tab: Double-clicking the tab allows you to immediately edit the name.

 4. Insert a Split - Double-Click just above scroll-bar to include a horizontal split; Works for a vertical split too, by clicking on the little bar shape next to the right of horizontal scroll-bar.

 5. Edit a Cell Formula: Double-click any cell to edit its contents in place (rather than using the formula bar.)

 6. Collapse Ribbon to Get More Space – One of my favorites. Just Double-Click on ribbon Menu Names.

 7. Lock Format Painter – Save a lot of Time by Double-Clicking on the Format Painter icon, making it Reusable. Great Solution!

 8. Jump to Last Row / Column in Table – Another gem: Just select a cell, and Double-Click on the cell-border in the direction you want to go. Presto! You’re there.

 9. Pivot Table Drill-Down: Double-click on any data value within a pivot table to instantly create a new worksheet which will show the Underlying Records that comprise that value.

Keyboard shortcuts a Totally Cool, but Double-clicking with your mouse is also a powerful tool that can save you many hours of work. Try any or all of the nine techniques and see if you do not agree that Double-Click Rocks!

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