Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Few Tricks…

Abracadabra!  I have always enjoyed quick tricks that accomplish very worthy tasks in Excel. Some of these are Oldie-Goldies, but Hey, they’re all really Good Stuff!

1. Select Noncontiguous Cells and Ranges
We all know how to select contiguous cells in a range or database, but how about noncontiguous cells?  Selecting these cells in a worksheet is as simple as holding down the CTRL key and click on the cells you want.  Presto!

2. Align Text Your Way!
Right-Click and access the Alignment tab on Format Cells. It’s a Snap aligning your cell in any orientation you want.  For instance, do you want the text in your cell to be vertically oriented?  Just click the Vertical Orientation Graphic, and Kazam, mission accomplished!

3. Jump Between Worksheets
To move from worksheet to another does not mean you have to reach for your mouse.  To switch to the next worksheet to the left, keep your hands on the keyboard and simply enter Ctrl + Page Up. Or change to the worksheet to the right by entering Ctrl + Page Down.  Poof!

4. Use Your Chart in Another App
Do you want to use your chart in PowerPoint, Word, or some other application? Select your chart and Copy / Paste as a Picture.  You can then feel assured that it will stay true to the original.  Voila!

Tricks are Good Stuff!  Give them a try and Amaze your colleagues!

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