Thursday, May 15, 2014

Excel Uses by Real People

The versatility of Excel lends itself to nearly endless applications.  As I am sure most of us would agree, the potential uses are only limited by the user’s imagination.

In a very large recent poll, real people were asked what they use Excel.  Hundreds of responses were obtained, and many of them are quite interesting.  Some of them may, in fact, be inspirational.  Here is a sampling of 20 of the more interesting ways Real People have used or are using Excel:
1.      Tracking pupils' attainment and progress
2.      Tracking personal weight and blood sugar levels
3.      A version of a Boggle board
4.      Reservation databases displaying room availability
5.      Calculating the stability of material on the deck of a ship
6.      Queue calculator for medical patients
7.      Solvers for word puzzles
8.      Timesheets and labor calculations
9.      Closing quote data for over 1000 companies
10.   Randomly generating passwords
11.   Tracking sports data
12.   Recreated the format of a popular quiz show
13.   Managing meeting rooms availability
14.   Pricing engine for tour groups
15.   Genealogical research
16.   Tracking weight loss
17.   Video teleprompter for giving presentations
18.   Recipe scaling template
19.   Managing personal academic studies
20.   Creating attractive custom labels

Fascinating, isn’t it?  If you have any unusual ways that you have used Excel, I would love to hear about it.  Send me a note at  All the best!

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