Thursday, March 20, 2014


Using Spinner Controls is one of my favorite ways of adding Style and Functionality to many of my Excel workbooks. Spinner buttons provide an intuitive approach to controlling the data you enter into your spreadsheets, and make you look Cool doing it (that is, after all, the most important thing…).

First you have to find where they are located, of course. In Excel versions 2010 or 2013, do the following:

1. Click on File and select Options
2. Choose Customize Ribbon and then put a checkmark next to Developer

After you have completed the above and clicked OK, you will find the Developer ribbon available from your toolbar. Along with a great many somewhat intimidating resources, the Developer ribbon supplies all of the Form Controls (simply click on Insert to see the controls available). Hover your mouse over the selections until you see Spinner button, give it a click, and draw the button on your worksheet.

Now you are all set to have some fun! Right-click on the spinner, and then click Format Control. In the initial test of this cool control, enter the following in the boxes on the Control tab dialogue box:

1. Current value: 1
2. Minimum value: 1
3. Maximum value: 20
4. Incremental value 1
5. Cell link: $E$8 (Note: Any of these values can be of your own choosing…)

Now when you click the Spinner control, cell E8 is be updated according to the numbers you choose. 

Try it the next time you create a worksheet where other cell values or results are dependent on the value shown in a single cell, and put a Spinner in charge of the values chosen. Your worksheet will update according to the quantity you select with the Spinner, and you will undoubtedly gain even more prestige as an Excel Guru!

Spinner buttons! They can make the world go round!

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