Friday, January 3, 2014

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

A review of the statistics on this blog shows that Keyboard Shortcuts are one of the favorites of the thousands of Enthusiasts who view this site each month. Everyone knows that keyboard shortcuts improve your productivity and also make you stand out in the crowd of other Excel users.

But what if you would like to create some Custom Keyboard Shortcuts? How can you do this?

With the arrival of Excel 2007, creating new keyboard shortcuts is really a Piece of Cake (or Easy as Pie, depending on your dessert preference…). Let’s say you want to add AutoSum or Sort to your shortcuts. Here is what you do:

• Go to the Excel feature and right-click on it
• Select Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the dropdown menu

Now, when you want to access the Custom Keyboard Shortcut, you simply press the Alt Key on your keyboard. A number corresponding to the feature will appear on the Quick Access Toolbar. Press that number on your keyboard and, Bamm, you have AutoSum, Sort, or whatever you have chosen to place in that toolbar!

This is much Cooler than it may sound, so give it a try. I think you will find it is on your short list of useful Excel features for 2014.

Happy New Year, All!

1 comment:

NewNewConservative said...

I love love love this. I have the format painter as my Alt-1, save as Alt-2, etc... Different text justifications are set up in such a way they're next to each other in a logical setup on the num-pad, etc. This is the first thing I show people when I'm trying to teach Excel tips/tricks.

Question, is there a way to save how you have a quick access toolbar setup? I've had to take screenshots, and use those when I'm transitioning to a new workstation.