Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Five Quick Solutions!

I am reasonably sure that all of us would like to be more productive, especially if it requires no additional effort. Often, this entails being aware of a Quick Solution to the situation on which you are working.

Whether you are employed in Human Resources, Analysis, Marketing, or another area, we can always use a quick solution at times. The following are 5 of my All-Time General Favorites:

1. Format a Number as SSN: Go to Format Cells / Custom and use the custom format code 000-00-0000 (Timesaver for HR…)

2. Remove Grid Lines from Worksheet: Go to View / Show and Uncheck Gridlines (Great for making a professional report…)

3. Freeze Rows on Top: Select row and go to View / Window / Freeze Panes (Improves functionality of your worksheet…)

4. Transpose Range of Cells: Simply copy the cells, go to the new location, and press Alt+ese (Voila! Rows to Columns or Columns to Rows!)

5. Protect Your Workbook: Go to Review / Changes / Workbook and assign a password (Excellent way for preventing unwanted changes by “creative” colleagues)

Make your life a little easier and take advantage of a Quick Solution whenever you can!

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