Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Excel 2013 Preview is Here!

The Excel 2013 Preview is now ready for download, and it is Pretty Exciting! While presenting an updated, but familiar interface, Microsoft has made several improvements to our favorite spreadsheet program.

What strikes me as particularly imaginative in this new version is the advances in Excel’s ability to Predict what the user wants to do. Based on your data, Excel 2013 will recommend Charts, Pivot Tables, or a Fill for a range (called “Flash Fill”). Excel learns from the patterns in your work and makes intelligent and time-saving suggestions.

The new Quick Analysis tool that appears to the lower-right of a selected range is a tremendous boon to any power user. Symbols or colors help you analyze data in just a click, as Excel 2013 uses these elements to identify and highlight trends and changes. I really like this cool new tool, as it can immediately add Pizazz and (Gasp!) comprehension to your worksheets.

Microsoft has truly leveraged the Internet this time. Workbooks are by default saved on SkyDrive (Free!) or SharePoint. You can send a link to anyone, along with editing permissions if you wish. You can even select portions of your work and share it on Facebook or other social networks!

Although I haven’t had the new software long enough to explore All of its many new features, I can unguardedly say that this innovative new version really Rocks the Casbah! Go to to download a free trial version today.

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