Thursday, October 20, 2011

Data Entry Form for Adding Records

If you or someone you work with frequently adds records to databases or tables, you should definitely give the Data Form Tool a try.  For anyone who routinely enters data, it can make your life a bit easier. 

How to Add the Form to Your Workbook for Excel 2007 & 2010 Users:

1.      Click the down-arrow of the Quick Access Toolbar in the upper-left corner of your workbook

2.      Choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar

3.      Select All Commands and choose Form…

4.      Click the Add>> button and click OK

Now go to your database or table and select the Form from your Quick Access Toolbar.  Suddenly…  Bam!  Up pops a New Data Entry Form for updating your database!

Just tab through the Form as you enter your data, and watch your table or database update as you do.  Wow, what a Great Little Tool!  Give it a try!

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