Thursday, September 22, 2011

AutoCorrect: Function and Fun!

The AutoCorrect tool in Excel can make your life easier and more efficient.  It can even be a source of some rascally Fun!

First of all, let’s talk about how it can make your Excel life.  Let’s suppose you have a Long Word String that you often enter into Excel.  Let’s suppose you work for the National Broadcasting System, and the legal department wants the name of your company Spelled Out each time it is entered into a worksheet.  What a drag, you say! 

I quite agree!  That is an instance where AutoCorrect can make things much easier for you. 

Here is What You Do:

1.      Click on the round Office Button in the upper-left corner

2.      Click on the Excel Options button at the bottom of the dropdown

3.      Choose Proofing and click on the AutoCorrect Options button

4.      In the Replace box, type NBC

5.      In the With box, type National Broadcasting System

6.      Click Add and then OK

Voila!  Whenever you type NBC in a worksheet, it will now automatically change that to National Broadcasting System!  How Cool is That!

Now for a little Fun:  While a friend is away from his computer, (let’s suppose his name is Dave…), go into AutoCorrect and enter Dave in the Replace box and The Dork in the With box.

Then have your friend type his name into Excel and prove to him that he is, indeed, a Dork!  Okay, okay, maybe we’re not adolescents anymore, but a little Fun once in a while is Good for Everyone!


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