Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Form Controls Rock!

There are few tricks in Excel that can make you into a Rock Star faster and easier than Form Controls.

Some of the main reasons Form Controls are useful include:

1. They are Intuitive for non-techies to use
2. They can be used to force users to choose one of your provided options and maintain database Input Integrity
3. They enhance your worksheet with a professional visual appeal, giving true Pizzazz!

Form Controls are quite easy to use and require no programming knowledge. They can be used to easily place values in worksheet cells, and make you Look like a Genius in the process.

These marvelous controls can be accessed in Excel 2007 or 2010 by:

1. Making sure that the Developer tab is on your ribbon tabs
2. Go to the Controls section and click on the down-arrow beneath the toolbox
3. Choose the Form Control you wish to use in your worksheet

You have your choice of Combo Boxes, Spin Buttons, Check Boxes, List Boxes, and much more.

For example, let’s say that you wish have a Check Box (or multiple check boxes) on your worksheet that will make a cell value either True or False. These responses can then be used in formulas that activate or manipulate other sections of your worksheet or workbook.

Check Boxes can easily be chosen and drawn on your worksheet with a click of the mouse. It is then a simple matter of Right-Clicking on the Check Box and choosing Format Control (this works similarly the other form controls as well.) You can then choose the cell or cells you wish to Link Your Control to and Format the Visual Style of your control

How Absolutely Rocking Cool is that! Take 5 minutes and make your Excel worksheets look like you spent hours of programming time on them. Give it a try – Add some Form Controls to your worksheet and give it some Bling!

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