Monday, July 6, 2009

Dynamically Linked Chart Title

Everyone knows how cool charts are. Here is a way to make them even cooler!

Let’s say that you have a table of data and a chart that changes dynamically every time you change the value in a dropdown box (which we discussed in the September 1, 2008 post in this blog). Would it be possible to have the title of the chart change to reflect the value chosen? Yes, indeed! (It’s even easy…)

1. Create your chart linking it to your dynamic table
2. Select your chart by clicking on it
3. Click the Chart menu and choose Chart Options
4. From the Chart Options window, click on the Chart Title box
5. Enter a temporary placeholder value (Such as “Chart1) and click OK
6. Make sure the temporary title is selected and click the Formula Bar above the sheet
7. Type "=" then click on the cell that contains the dropdown box and click Enter

Wow! Your chart's title changes in sync with the dropdown value! Use this and watch the executives’ eyes glaze over in amazement…

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