Monday, April 6, 2009

Moving or Copying a Worksheet

This is a simple tip that you will probably find very handy. If you ever find the need to relocate or copy a worksheet into another workbook, this Move is for you! (“Move”, get it…)

To Move or Copy a Worksheet
1. Right-click a tab, then click Move or Copy on the menu
2. In the Move or Copy dialog box, you can:

  • To move the worksheet to a spot within its own workbook, select a sheet in the Before sheet box
  • To move the worksheet to another open workbook, select the workbook in the To book list and then click OK
  • To keep a copy of the worksheet in your source workbook (rather than deleting it and moving it), select the Create a copy box

    Moving Day can be a drag, but using this shortcut, it’s walk in the park

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