Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Currency Rates in Excel

So, you are getting ready for that trip to Europe, (or wherever in the world you are going), and you would like to download the most up-to-date currency exchange rates directly into the Excel workbook you are using for your trip planning. Piece of Cake!

Here is what you do in Excel 2003:
1) Select cell A1
2) Go to Data / Import External Data / Import Data and choose MSN MoneyCentral Investor Currency Rates
3) Click OK

Bamm! In a few seconds, you will have the exchange rates for Argentine Pesos to Venezuelan Bolivars!

If you are using Excel 2007:

1) Select cell A1
2) Go to Data / Get External Data / Existing Connections and choose MSN MoneyCentral Investor Currency Rates
3) Click OK

Does that Rock or What? I see that today you can get 9,360 Indonesian Rupiahs for one US Dollar (sounds like a bargain…)!


SimCon said...

You can also use Yahoo Finance to get real-time foreign exchange rates in Excel. See here

ANOOne Digital said...

I have been using the plugin below for quite some time. Works great for me. It uses Yahoo API and MSN money website to get live currency rates in Excel exposed as custom functions. i.e. =Fx_Convert(100,"USD","EUR")

Harz said...

I use this. It works great for me.

Unknown said...

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Jayden Rich said...

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